Panasonic ALL3 Wireless Speaker System – Black Review

Panasonic ALL3 Wireless Speaker System - BlackPanasonic ALL3 Wireless Speaker System – Black? AllPlay?. Panasonic ALL series audio speakers with AllPlay allows you quickly set up songs to enjoy in numerous rooms around the house from numerous digital songs sources, throughout an existing Wi-Fi network. You can likewise use your smartphone to enjoy registration solutions and also web radio * wirelessly in any room of your house. Furthermore, the same tracks can be simultaneously repeated numerous audio speakers.

Since control is possible straight from the GUI (graphical user interface) of a songs registration service app or net radio,Panasonic ALL3 Wireless Speaker System – Black could be enjoyed with constantly upgraded screens and features. Also, after listening to songs on your smart device while away, you can conveniently get a song where you ended when you return without changing the App.

The 4-speaker system consists of 2 speaker systems: a tweeter and a woofer. It creates clear, dynamic audios from bass to treble.LincsD-Amp (2nd generation). The clock jitter that occurs throughout electronic amp handling is made up to replicate an acoustic waveform that is faithful to the initial audio. By likewise making up for distortion, including that of outer circuits, this provides purer audios with greater deepness. Two LSI circuits control the audio signal per speaker to create even more jitter-free sound.

Making use of a robust yet lightweight material produces a more receptive audio, giving clearer vocals extra vibrant audio, and also crisper dialogue. * The schedule of membership solutions and also Internet radio could differ depending upon the nation.


40W Wireless Multi-room Audio speaker with the ability of providing high-grade audio through AllPlay and the Panasonic Streaming Application. Could be component of a multi-room speaker set-up that sustains ‘Event Mode’ or ‘Multi-zone’ songs playback. Very very easy to set up, no software installment required. 2-way (horizontal/vertical) free-standing layout.

Expandable Wireless Multi-room Stereo
This Qualcomm AllPlay suitable multi-room Stereo system suggests Music subscription solutions, Net Radio and also Archived music could be enjoyed in several areas with an existing home Wi-Fi network.

Premium High quality Noise Supplied by 2nd Generation LincsD Amplification
Panasonic’s Second generation LincsD-Amplification markedly minimizes jitter as well as distortion that could impact audio clearness. The outcome is pure fantastic sound with better depth and also a clearness that brings music to life.

Wireless Songs Streaming with AllPlay Multi-room Solution
Panasonic ALL3 Wireless Speaker System – Black, Easily set up music playback over numerous rooms from numerous electronic music sources, throughout your residence Wi-Fi network. A mobile phone allows wireless enjoyment from music registration solutions and Web radio in any type of room of your house. The exact same tracks could be at the same time played over multiple speakers (Party mode) or different tunes in various rooms (Multi-zone), you are wirelessly in control.

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  • The Panasonic Music Streaming App makes it easy to send music wirelessly from your portable device to your speakers. This free app for Android and IOS devices simply asks you to choose your music source, choose your speaker and away you go.
  • The 4 speaker system within the ALL 3, uses 2 x bass drivers and 2 x tweeters. This means that from a small spaeker unit, the audio signal is divided into acoustic ranges extending from bass to treble so providing the richest, purest possible sound from a spaeker of its size.
  • The ALL 3 allows you to access music subscription services( including Spotify), your iTunes library or Internet radio stations via the system App, when connected to a wifi router. This means the user has access to millions of muscic tracks 24 hours a day.
  • The ALL 3 speaker systems lets listeners easily configure music play over multiple rooms from multiple digital music sources, all over an existing Wi-Fi network. This is controlled wirelessly via a smartphone or tablet so that different music can be enjoyed in any room of the houseor the same song can be simultaneously played over multiple speakers.

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